Here in the pet department, we cater for a range of animals including Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, small animals, Fish and wildlife.

We pride ourselves in the high standards of animal care we maintain and are always on hand to offer help and advice to ensure your pets remain happy and healthy. Whilst in store you may spot our experts carrying out maintenance on our custom-built fish systems, exercising the rabbits in the play pen or handling the Hamsters to get them tame before moving to their new home.

Dogs and Cats

We carry a range of products for Dogs and cats with an emphasis on natural and environmentally friendly products. These include Food, Treats, Bedding, Toys, Leads and collars, Grooming and health care; from some of your favourite brands including Joules, Canagan, Symply, Rosewood, Snug & Cosy, Zeus, Catit, Nerf, Hollings, Green and Wilds, Woolly Wolf, Edgard Cooper, Bamboo Groom, PowAir, Alcott, Pet Face, Pet Bakery, Bugalugs, Adios and many more.

Small Animals

Always a favourite with our visitors is our selection of small animals that are available to join your family when you are ready. All of our small animals are sourced from just two local breeders who share our high standards of care. Depending on availability, we stock Mini Lops and Mini Rex Rabbits, Syrian hamsters, Winter White dwarf hamsters, Gerbils, Rats and Mice. Our experts are always on hand to guide you to the most suitable pet for your situation and the best care possible for them. To help you care for the addition to your family we stock high quality products and feed from companies such as Ferplast, Rosewood, Rolf Hagen, Burgess, Tiny Friends Farm and Pillow Wad.


The jewel in the crown of the department; our stunning display of fish comprises 104 tropical tanks, 27 temperate tanks and 13 pond vats. Alongside 1000 litres of aquarium plant systems, and 10 pond plant vats and tables. We always carry a large selection of fish and plants for your aquarium and pond.

If you are looking for inspiration, we have 4 wet displays (don’t miss the Oscars in Arthurs Eatery!) and around 30 dry displays to show you what can be achieved with the size of aquarium you choose.

When it comes to setting up your new aquarium or pond, we have everything you need to get going. Including aquariums, decor, chemicals, liners, pre formed ponds and plants. But equally as important as the products, we have the knowledge and experience to set you off in the right direction in your fish keeping adventure and support you throughout.

We are always on hand to offer help and advice to smooth whatever bumps in the road you may come across, with water testing services available for you to see what is really going on with your tank and establish a plan if necessary to help you maintain a balanced ecosystem. If your aquarium requires a good water change that tap water won’t satisfy, we produced RODI (reverse osmosis) water, you can bring your own jerrican to fill or we sell them here if you need one

Brands We Supply

We carry a large selection of products from the top brands in the aquatics industry including Juwel, Fluval, Oase, Blagdon, Pontec, Velda, Bermuda, Evolution Aqua, Ciano, Seachem, Tetra, NT Labs, Waterlife, Kockney Koi, Cloverleaf, Interpet, Aquadip, Ocean Nutrition, Red Sea, TMC, Caribsea, Hugo Kamishi, Aquael, API, ESHA, Aqua One and many many more.