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It can be a gardener’s biggest pleasure to see the garden come to life after winter. The early highlights are spring bulbs such as daffodils, crocuses and tulips emerging from the ground. Whether under spring blossom trees including cherries or alongside early flowering shrubs, magnolias, camellias and rhododendron as examples these heralds to Spring are always a welcome sight. 

Plant new roses, trees, shrubs and perennials whilst the ground is still moist and a full range of young plants are available at the garden centre.

Spring is also the time to get ahead in the garden before the weeds start growing. Tidy borders, weed and mulch with compost or manure. Feed specimen trees, roses, shrubs, hedge and established beds and borders, with a general purpose organic fertilizer.

This is the time to sow seeds, indoors and outside, Sow hardy annuals outdoors and half-hardy annuals in a heated propagator in the greenhouse or on a windowsill indoors.

Meanwhile create some instant spring colour on patios with containers and baskets full of pansies and primroses alongside spring bulbs. After the last frost plant out summer bedding such as geraniums or petunias in containers and outdoor beds.

For the keen Kitchen gardener spring is the time to sow this season’s crop of most salad and vegetable crops from tomatoes to green beans in the ground, in the greenhouse or just in containers on the patio. We pride ourselves on a particularly fine choice for both the experienced or first time grower.