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Brookfields Responsible Retailing Policy

As a business we are fully committed to running Brookfields responsibly and with a sincere commitment to trade with the environment in mind. Our active policies are as follows.


Anything that can be recycled goes to the correct place to ensure it is efficiently managed. We use Wastecycle, a local sorting centre only 5 miles away from the centre which ensures not only are we recycling as much as possible but that we cut down on fuel costs in doing so.

Packing materials

Our carrier bags are biodegradable and our policy is to ask customers if they require a bag to cut down on the amount used. We also sell ‘bags for life’ to encourage regular usage rather than disposable bags. We save small cardboard boxes and trays for use by customers to carry larger plant purchases hence saving on additional packing.

Water conservation

We will be having a large onsite vat collecting and storing rain water which will  then be used to water our indoor and outdoor plants.


We stock the Westland range of composts many of which feature less or no peat. Please talk to our sales team to find out more.


We have a large number of staff who choose to cycle or walk to work.

Social and community responsibility

We run an annual fruit and vegetable garden design competition aimed at schools encouraging children to become more aware of the importance of growing and eating healthy food. Just ask if you would like to see the winning designs.

There are a number of schools in the area with which we are actively involved in support of gardening clubs and specific projects set by the pupils themselves. We do not just donate product but more importantly offer the advice and time of our horticultural experts.

A very successful city allotment scheme  has  gardening projects  operating with schools and other local community groups, often with children who have no other regular access to gardening space- we are very pleased to be supporting them in their work.

At our major events we are very proud to operate fund raising activities for an adopted charity, proceeds from which are all donated to the charity concerned. Among the criteria in selecting the charity is that it should from those that operate locally.


42 solar panels  have been erected on the garden centre roof drawing up to 10KWH of power during the spring and summer. This will be added to with a potential further 10KWH later this year.

Please keep an eye on our website for news of further developments in our policy to trade ethically.