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To ensure the pets we offer for sale are comfortable and stress free we buy from local suppliers whenever possible. With the species you would expect from a centre such as ours  you will always find Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Hamsters and Gerbils. For those wanting to offer a home to more unusual furry friends we regularly have more unusual creatures such as Dugus and Chinchillas as well as our feathered friends Budgies, Canaries, Lovebirds, Quail and Parrots albeit not necessarily all at once!

Bedding and care
Wood shavings, straw, hay, and soft bedding are in stock to help make your pet comfortable as well as small animal litter and bathing dust- they need pampering too!

‘Burns’ and ‘Purina’ are 2 of our featured brands of cat and dog foods which are additions to our feed for small animals, including those all important treats and snacks.

Exercise and play
For a healthy life all Pets need activities for their amusement and general well-being so we offer a superb, comprehensive assortment of cat, dog and small animal toys all ensuring a great workout!

Fold up travel crates, safety L.E.D collars plus a fantastic range of leads and collars from the sturdy and functional to the sparkly and bling, we have them all!