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Ornaments and Planters

Whether you have a very large garden or small balconies, however much space you have available to you planters can add that extra dimension to your garden area.

Our ranges are purchased from some of the best brands in the business with Woodlodge-(widely acclaimed for their quality) a major supplier. With a superb selection of Terracotta pots, from the plain and simple to embellished designs the wide range of sizes will suit a large variety of plants and schemes.

If you prefer a more colourful style we also have collections of glazed clay pots in a huge range of sizes, colours and shapes; sometimes we have some fantastic offers available so it’s really worth taking a look.

Cadix are internationally recognized as being brand leaders in planters and containers in a more contemporary style. The smooth finish of the grandelight collection is lightweight but very durable while very stylish, with the coloured Zinc pots in lovely shapes complimenting many different types of plant and design.

With garden design being ever more important to our homes ornaments can personalize your outdoor space just as they can indoors.

Willowstone are a top brand from whom we offer a beautiful range of bird baths, sundials and planters; in beautiful classic finishes these are items that will look wonderful for many years to come. One of our most popular brands is Vivid arts whose colourful smaller pieces feature familiar birds and animals in both humorous and natural styles and yes, we even have those perennial favorites the Garden Gnome! What with these and the  many other ranges we have in stock you will be able to find an accessory for your garden to provide an accent piece  from, amongst others, Oriental, Woodland and novelty themes. Seasonal ranges arrive regularly so you can keep change with colours and styles at any time of year.