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Growing plants from seed can sometimes be a bit of a hassle and you want your garden to look great minus all the hassle of growing plants from scratch. Look no further as we have you covered with these baby plants perfect for hanging baskets or containers. 

We have a wide range of plants to choose from to let your creative style go wild. Now is a great time to start planning how you want both your containers and baskets to look.

Think about how many plants you will need to fill you basket or container, baring in mind how each type of plant will develop. There are three general habitat types of plants you may wish to use for your...

January can be a dreary month when all the Christmas decorations have been taken down for another year and your home is lacking that extra festive sparkle.

A great way to add colour and life into your home is to bring the outdoors in. Houseplants are the perfect replacement for your Christmas tree and we have a great selection in store.

5 benefits of houseplants: 

- They assist in breathing 
- Help to clean the air 
- They can help you to work better
- Act as a healing boost 
- Aid in deterring illness 

Different types of houseplants vary in the amount of up keep. 

There are hundreds of species of house plants;...

It is time to launch the fourth and final competition in search for the last lucky person to travel with Santa on 19th November!

Best of luck!

Theme 1: Christmas in the City 

A combination of blues, silvers and coppers recreate the city lights to put a modern twist on the festive season. A step away from the traditional theme, these accessories make for a contemporary Christmas style.

Theme 2: Woodland Christmas

Head in to the woodlands this Christmas and bring the outdoors in. A combination of greens and browns with the addition of some woodland creatures make for an all round cosy Christmas theme for your home.

Theme 3: Alpine Christmas

Imagine crisp sparkling white snow and a cosy chalet nestled against frosty trees. Shimmering snowflakes and magical...

We are happy to be launching the penultimate place to Travel with Santa on 19th November!

Get as creative as you can as the Elves will be picking their favourite to travel with Santa himself!

Good luck!

We are pleased to announce our fabulous new Bumble B’s Play den for 2-5 year olds opens at 9.30 on Monday 22nd August. Packed full of fun features and with adjacent seats so you can enjoy a drink, lunch or snack while you supervise the children it is the perfect place to spend time with the little ones while you relax. Entry is £3 per child for an hour in the covered area, free in the open space for 0-2 year olds.

Wrist bands that will be needed to use the den can be purchased in the coffee shop during their opening hours 9.30-5.00.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Tuesday 16th August: Terracotta garden mobiles (£4)
Wednesday 17th August: Bug crafts (£3)
Thursday 18th August: Make a fire breathing dragon (£3)

Activities run at the following times: