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A new month means a new selection of plant inspiration for your garden.

Try this eye –catching border idea with a sparkling mix of contrasting perennials.

Plant Companions

The border design features the elegant vertical lines of magenta-purple Lupins and pale pink Verbascum alongside showy pale blue Camassia, glowing orange Geums and beautiful violet-blue blooms of Aquilegia.

An old cottage-garden favourite, with beautiful purple flowers flecked with orange highlights. A great addition to a garden border with the flowers appearing from early summer onwards. They also grow tall quite quickly adding height to your borders. Lupins can be a favourite of slugs and snails so make sure they are well protected. 

A vivid blue plant with tall bold flowers. Can be on of the most tolerant and long-lived bulbs if cared for appropriately. This plant is very happy in both dry and moist ground. 

A hardy perennial which produce colourful flowers. They mix really well with other plants and shrubs and are a good spring flowering plant. Aquilegia are best placed in the centre of the border in terms of height. A very unfussy plant to grow. 

Tall, upright flower spikes with small bright flowers bloom over a long period and create vertical accents in the garden.  They grow well in any well-drained soil. Can be prone to caterpillars so insure you protect the plant well.

This compact, hardy perennial is easy to grow and provides long-lasting summer colour at the front of borders. A popular plant with its red double blooms on thin stems. Plant them in well drained soil, choose a position towards the front of the borders in full sun.


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