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Introducing our new Perfect Planting Partners range! Links

Introducing our new Perfect Planting Partners range!


It can often be tricky when choosing which plants work best together and how to grow them. So we have taken away the hard work to come up with a monthly inspiration display of what you can plant in your garden knowing that they will both look good together and thrive being planted with one another. 

This month’s selection: 

​​Allium, Geranium, Tree Peony, Bearded Iris, Lupin, Pink Rose & Iris.


Also known as the Ornamental onion plant because of its round flowering heads is perfect for planting in the spring. They come in a wide range of sizes and colours of blue, purple, white and yellow. Great for the garden as even when the flower heads die back the flower heads are still very attractive making them a long lasting plant in your summer borders and easy to moderate.


A versatile and popular bedding plant which is easy to grow. You will find a Geranium suited to any garden type weather it be sunny, shaded, damp or dry. The foliage is very attractive and makes for great ground cover. Coming in all shades of pink, purple, white and blue they make the perfect addition to your summer garden.

Tree Peony:

Provided being planted properly the Tree Peony is a nondemanding plant to grow. Although the flamboyant blooms may seem papery and fragile they are indeed very long lived and hardy shrubs which will thrive if planted in the correct sunny spot. Its name may be misleading as they are actually deciduous shrubs and not trees.

Bearded Iris:

A popular plant for more contemporary gardens. Great for summer with their wide colour palette. Bearded Iris’ are very easy to grow and maintain in any well-drained soil in a sunny area. With several sizes to choose from, they all have little ‘beards’ on their lower petals.


The perfect perennial plant with very large and showy flowers. Coming in a range of colours they are a very reliable plant if placed in a sunny spot. They grow well in a wide variety of soil conditions and are surprisingly strong plants even when exposed to windy conditions.

Pink Rose:

Roses can be slightly more on the expensive side however if cared for properly they will last for many years. A classic garden plant adds a touch of class to your borders.


A tall, beautiful and easy flower to grow. Iris’ need to be planted in a sunny spot otherwise they will not bloom. The distinctive flowers have three large outer petals called ‘falls and three inner petals called ‘standards’.


All these plants go hand in hand and will provide you with the perfect summer borders, so all you need to do now is to get planting!


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