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A. ‘Ultimate bug killer’ is the Gardener’s best friend. It will kill almost all known bugs and protects for up to six weeks.

A. If used as directed they are perfectly safe to use. There is a very small risk but only brought on by heavy handed use of pellets. A plant with a 30cm spread can be protected for up to a week with six pellets. Putting more out will still only protect you for one week. If at all worried there are organic barriers which can be used such as ‘Slug Gone’, an expanding wool product which slugs can not cross.

A. ‘Vitax Q4’ is the Gardeners version of a multi vitamin. A handful per square metre will feed that area for six weeks and is so simple to use with no need for mixing or digging in.

A. For use in open areas of the garden, ‘Roundup’ is by far the most effective. Tough weeds may take up to four weeks to be killed off but the results are permanent and those same weeds won’t grow back.

A. Most good quality paints won’t harm plants if they get a little splashed on them. However if the leaves are more heavily coated with paint it can stop the leaf from getting energy from the sun and cause those leaves to drop.

A. Granular mixes of feed, weed and moss killers are cheap and easy ways to tackle this problem. However if you have small leafed weeds such as clover you will get better results from a separate liquid Lawn weed killer and moss killer.

A. These can be caused by pet urine which will be smaller fairly regular shapes; the most effective way to treat them is to rake out the dead grass and re-seed using a repellant grass seed.

A. If it is not pet related with patches that are irregular in shape it could be Chafer grubs eating the roots of the grass. Treatment with specialist lawn grub killer will protect you for up to four months.