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A. Remember any hardy plants you buy from us are guaranteed for 5 years. If a plant fails during that time, simply return it to us and we will replace it with the same or nearest similar equivalent.

A. The range of plant stock we sell changes every few weeks. Some popular items we will stock all year round yet others we will probably only get in once when they are about to flower. As a general rule we try to stock plants when they are about to produce flower as this is when customers are most likely to want to buy them. So if you wanted to buy something like a hydrangea it would be best to come to buy one in June or July when they are producing buds on the plant but have not yet fully flowered. Send us your questions about any specific varieties and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

A. Many plants can be extremely low maintenance and basically once planted can look after themselves. Many evergreen shrubs require hardly any care if planted in a reasonably good soil and we have a section dedicated to low maintenance plants in our hardy plant area. Other types of plant which require little or no maintenance are architectural plants such as Cordylines, Phormiums and Conifers.

A. As a general rule all plants can be grown in containers however some are better adapted to being restricted to a container. These are often plants which are smaller and slower to grow such as alpines, bedding plants and low growing shrubs. Plants with an architectural shape are often very successful in a container a palm tree for example, which provides interest all year round and is relatively low maintenance. Plants with specific soil requirements such as Camellias are ideal in containers if your garden soil is not suitable to grow them. It is best to talk to a member of the garden centre staff about growing specific plants in...

A. Bedding plants for containers and hanging baskets are available all year round. Autumn, winter and spring flowering bedding such as pansies and primroses are fully hardy and can tolerate frost. Summer bedding plants such as Lobellia and Marigolds cannot tolerate frost, so while we sell them from mid April our advice is to monitor the weather forecast for night time frosts during April and May. You should also consider protecting summer bedding plants with fleece or bringing them inside while any danger of frost exists. If you want to be absolutely sure wait until the beginning of May to buy your summer bedding as this is when it is...

A. A pressure washer removes the top level of the patio rather than just the dirt. Once this has been done it is essential to re-seal the patio which can be expensive. The better way is by using a patio cleaner. Simply mix with water and water over the patio and leave. When the rain comes it will lift the dirt and wash it away with no need to re-seal.

A. Bypass loppers give you a nice clean cut for living wood so that it limits the risk of infections getting into the cuts. Anvil loppers allow you to cut through tough dead wood much more easily.