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A. The basic rule of fish keeping is that 1 inch of fish requires a minimum of 1 gallon of water. The most important factor is to stock slowly, adding only a few fish every week.

A. Quite simply, come in and talk to one of the experts in store! The variety of different types is so wide that you need to take time to talk to our staff, make notes of the species available and which ones will mix together. A suitable selection will be easily reached with the appropriate guidance.

A. A new Aquarium will need time to settle, warm up and stabilise before you add any fish. Run the newly set up Aquarium for a week before putting in your first fish. The safest way to avoid difficulties during the first 6-8 weeks is to add fish gradually to a new Aquarium or pond.

A. Tap water is fine for keeping fish in as long as the water is treated with the addition of water conditioner to remove the Chlorine, Chloramines and heavy metals.