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Time to stock up on slug pellets ready for Valentines day!

Did you know that slugs and snails do their first courting of the season on the most romantic day of the year?

​Take away the possibility of increasing the slug and snail population by getting rid of the pests before they get the chance to reproduce. Your spring planting will benefit; having a chance to become established rather than being a gastropod's favourite snack! There are many slug and snail products on the market including organic, children and bird friendly ones so come in to the Garden centre where the expert team can talk you through the ranges and help you...

Finally some milder spring like weather has given us the chance to stock up on a selection of fresh spring colour.

We now have a full range of potted spring bulbs, everything from Snowdrops to Tulips and Crocus just starting to peek through the surface of the soil. Old winter damaged bedding can be replaced with brightly flowering primroses and hardy basket plants.

Also new for January are a colourfull selection of gift bulb planters filled with scented hyacinths and miniature daffodils for the patio or kitchen windowsill and for outside in the garden we have early flowering white hellebores smothered in white bud and flower.

A real tree or an artificial one? A potted or cut tree? Small and tucked in a corner or tall, splendid and pride of place?

We have found an increased demand for real Christmas trees, especially as the Nordmann fir (our chosen premium quality variety) is so fragrant and won't drop needles all over the floor! The plant area team have worked really hard to make choosing your real tree an absolute pleasure; at the weekends there will be a real wood fire burning in our covered plant area to keep the chills off and if you can't get too close to the fire the mulled wine drinks we have available will do the job!

The christmas department is...

​Autumn is nature’s time for planting; flowers turn to fruit, dropping seeds hence establishing new plants for the following season. This period is the best for planting, when the ground is still warm from the summer sun and also re-hydrated by autumn rains.

Plants are becoming dormant, they are less stressed by putting on new growth or producing flower and are happy to settle into a new home and put some roots down.

Nowadays less gardeners take advantage of this period to plant in their garden which is un-fortunate as there are also many bargains to be had at the garden centre. All those late flowering perennials are generally...

​Heavy late summer rains can often leave summer bedding looking tired. The garden centre is now filling up with a new range of bedding which will last right from now until late next spring.

The star performers are pansies, violas and cyclamen. These hardy flowering plants are best combined with small evergreen shrubs and conifers to provide seasonal colour in containers and baskets. Underplant with spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils or tulips for an added burst of colour in the spring.