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As a garden centre naturally we offer a selection of houseplants - purchased regularly every week to ensure they are in prime condition. No longer just confined to a small pot on a windowsill there are some wonderful varieties that can add colour, freshness and style that will compliment your home interior. Cacti, Bonsai and carnivorous plants – a novelty many children in particular enjoy - are always featured along with seasonal varieties chosen for you at the best time of year. For real impact take a look at the large specimen plants that look sensational especially when teamed up with a stylish planter or container. Our pot covers are presented in colour themes, with Scheurich being our main supplier. Having a reputation internationally as being one of the best suppliers in their fields we are sure you will find something to suit from their collections.

If previous experiences have led you to believe houseplants are difficult to look after do come along and talk to our specialist buyers who can reassure you that it is not the case. They can advise which plants to buy and how to look after them plus we have everything to maintain them from compost to treatments and feeds to help you keep the plants at their best. If your home could do with a bit of freshening up the addition of the living beauty of a houseplant is a terrific way to do so.