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Garden Essentials

There are many things in your garden that are purely down to your personal choice. However there are other products you will need to buy to make sure everything you plant and create will be well supported and nurtured - those essentials you just can’t manage without.

Our range is the best in the area, you may be able buy cheaper but not at this quality and we will absolutely ensure we provide you with the advice you need to buy the right products offering greater value for money every time.

Watering systems from the very basics, a watering can, to more complex systems we can help you make a purchase to suit. Plant supports, canes, obelisks, arches, pots, and seed trays - well the list is endless. If you need it we’ve probably got it so come on in and talk to our Garden staff who will be happy to help.

You have the plants, the tools, the maintenance products, supports and feed so all that is missing is the growing medium. Composts and barks of many types, to suit all positions and needs are well displayed in our under cover plant area. Ask advice or just buy one of our great offers and we will help you carry them to the car - it’s that simple.