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To ensure your plants are kept in tip top condition you will need a little help - mother nature can’t always be relied upon to do so without a bit of a nudge!

Making sure you buy the right product for each plant or area of your garden needs expertise that can only be gained with years of experience and training. We have that expertise and are confident that whatever the problem we will do our best to help you resolve it. An impressive range of treatments to deal with pests and ailments plus all the specialist and general fertilizers help you make the most of your planting.

Weeds- well they just keep cropping up don’t they? However there is a treatment for every kind of weed you can think of and a few you probably can’t so talk to our resident expert who will talk you though how to win the battle.

There are endless task in the garden that can be tough to manage but with the right product and advice can all be managed. Come in and talk to us – we will always do our best to offer a solution.