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The plant and Garden area is the heart of our garden centre.

We offer a huge range of plants sourced from all over England and Europe with freshness and quality of paramount importance. We have such confidence in our standards that we offer a 2 year Hardy plant guarantee. If the plant fails in that time, simply return it and we will replace it with the same or similar equivalent. If you have any questions or would like our advice, we will do our best to help you be more successful with challenging plants and gardens.

Nearly all our plants are offered in a range of sizes from small starter plants for those with new gardens to fill, to impressive feature plants to give your garden instant character.

We cater for the ‘Grow Your Own’ enthusiast with everything from beans and broccoli to tasty tomatoes, fresh herbs and fruit from strawberries to plum trees.

For the gardener we have all the best and most popular shrubs, perennials, roses, trees and rockery plants and for those who just need an instant splash of colour on their porch or patio we offer a year round range of bedding plants, full of flower for containers and hanging baskets.