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Tropical fish

Fish stocks

We always have a fantastic, comprehensive range of tropical fish, guaranteed to be healthy and vibrant. Species that regularly feature in our selection include Mollies, Guppies, Platys, Gourami, Tetra and Barbs.


With our step by step guidance, our reputation confirms we are second to none in helping people have success with setting up their first aquarium. This expertise plus our large choice of home aquariums including a large selection from ‘Aquaone’ all at great value prices.

Landscaping and tank décor

With the interest in Aquarium landscaping increasing, we stock a full range of tank décor including backdrops, real & artificial plants, ornaments, stoneware and wooden features. Some of the creative ideas will be yours but we will happily suggest themes and styles to suit your requirements.

Cold water fish

Fish stocks

Our cold water selection of aquarium fish includes many types of fantails as well as loach, shrimp and many of the most popular varieties.  Our Koi come from Japan, Israel and England as well as Tench, Orfe, Sturgeon, Goldfish and Shubunkins.

Ponds, liners and accessories

Here you will find a full selection of pond pumps and filters, our experts can advise you on a perfect solution for a crystal clear pond.

We always offer an excellent selection of lilies and a full range of other aquatic plants to suit most garden ponds making a perfect setting.